Teaching: Visual Merchandising BA Year 2 London College of Fashion

Teaching VM 2nd year students I done a presentation to introduce myself and my work as well as doing a presentation about Westfield to introduce the students to the Westfield project to the class, and prepare them for their visit to Westfield Shopping Centre. I spoke about my work and Westfields, I mention to the students that my work and the Westfield presentation was a guide to help the students with their visual research on their Westfield project which the end result will be an art ‘installation’ piece. I said that my experimental style combined with mixed media, to create my installations art. that I have transformed all different type of spaces into a custom built interactive environment, because  my students have to transform their given space at Westfields, into an interactive environment.  I told that they can draw inspiration from my work, as a guide for their Westfields installation project. They can link my work their project brief as our creative conceptual use of space in an imaginative way, creating an environment using installations art as a means to convey messages to our audience.




Students watching my presentation

Westfield Notes:

Westfield Stratford City is a shopping centre in Stratfordwhich opened on 13 September 2011. Part of a large multi-purpose development project called Stratford City, a city within a city. It is one of the largest metropolitan shopping centres in Europe.

Around 280 shops offering plenty of high street shops such as Primark, Forever 21, Topshop, Accessorize, Jigsaw, Oasis, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Quiz, H&M to name a few. As well as some luxury home and lifestyle brands. Also, you can relax and indulge in cuisine from all over the world, from Mexican to Caribbean with over 70 restaurants.

In addition to its vast amount of shops and restaurants, you’ll find a dazzling array of leisure facilities. The Vue Cinema all-digital 17-screen, is one of the largest and most innovative in Europe. You can also experience the luxury bowling at All Star Lanes, or even try your luck at the 24-hour Aspers Casino, which is one of the biggest in the UK.

Westfield Stratford City is close to the Queen Elizabeth Park, home to West ham United Football Club and 560 acres of parklands that will also become the culture and education hub which LCF, UCL, Victoria and Albert Museum with Smithsonian institution and Sadler’s Wells Theatre come together to form a new culture creative hub on the Queen Elizabeth park. Hopefully this will be opportunitiesfor local residents and their community to utilise this space. East Village, is that was the former Olympic Village that home to the athletes during the Olympics in 2012.

Westfield Stratford City is part of London borough of Newham. According to the local council by 2025 it is estimated that over £22 billion will have been invested in the area, creating more than 35,000 new homes and 100,000 new jobs.The London borough of Newham, is the 2nd poorest and most deprived borough in London and the country. Newham has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in theUK boroughs. With over 200 languages and dialects.

Newham population characteristics

  • The median age is 30.8 years (mid-2015)
  • 52.3% of the population are male and 47.7% female (mid-2015)
  • 25.2% (83,800) of the population are under 18 years, 67.8% (225,600) are aged 18 to 64 years and 7% (23,400) are aged 65 years and older (mid-2015)
  • By 2021 Newham’s population is projected to be over 367,900 (SNPP).
  • Ethnic or cultural background of residents: 46.5% Asian/Asian British, 26.5% White, 18.1% Black/Black British, 4.9% mixed/multiple ethnic group and 4.0% any other ethnic group.These figures are based on the mid-year 2017 GLA ethnic group projection.**
  • 40% of residents are Christian, 32% Muslim, 8.8% Hindu, 2.1% Sikh, 1.2% part of another religious group, 9.5% were not religious and 6.4% did not state their religion (2011).
  • Religion in Newham as of 2011.
  • Christianity(40%)
  • Islam(32%)
  • Irreligion(9.3%)
  • Hindu(8.8%)
  • Sikh(2.1%)
  • Buddhist(0.8%)
  • Jewish(0.1%)
  • Other (6.9%)

Westfield Stratford City isn’t the only reason to visit this exciting area. You’ll find a wealth of sporting, cultural and dining attractions nearby too.

  • The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. …
  • Stratford Cultural Quarter. …
  • All Saints West Ham. …
  • The Royal Docks. …
  • Emirates Airline.Westfield Stratford City has been reported to be the first large-scale use of Pavegen floor tilesto harness kinetic energy

Stratford Regional and Stratford International stations. It is promoted as contributing significantly to the local economy, with the creation of up to 10,000 permanent jobs including 2,001 going to local people.[ However, there are counter-reports of significant harm to other local businesses due to the preponderance of chain stores.Total retail floor area of 1,905,542 square feet (177,030.6 m2),


Taking VM My Students to see the Selfridges ExhibitionThe Flipside.  To be inspired for their Westfield project (images)

VM Students waiting in the cue.


This Exhibition  was very interesting for the students to visit it helped them to see various way of creating and displays.


Images inside the exhibition



Visit to the Islington Design Centre for the Exhibition Event Display



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