Self-Initiative Project: Presentation

Self-Initiative Project

Visible Black

Black female artists: 101 must see Black Artists: Hardback, E-Books, Webpage blog, website, exhibition. Planned.

I want to use this self-initiative project as a starting point for my PHD book base, to equip libraries in our universities with books about black female artists, and change the understanding of the world of art, breaking down barriers, and invisibility and giving voice to black female artist a marginalised group who have so much to say. I want black female artist to be recognise in the mainstream art, so that everyone can access their arts. Art should not be centred just around European art and culture, Students of today are more diverse want to study art that represent and inspire and speak to them emotionally, that will encourage them to learn to create great work of art. our universities libraries must be decolonized to accommodate a more diverse community. Not everyone wants to read about European artist, that are mainly old white men, universities are so diverse, and student wants books with artists that they can identified with while others want to expand their knowledge of artists from different cultures. Every culture uses their art to express their identity and they all have something to say. And their own reasons for creating their work of art.

Image by Lorraine Williams

This piece was created to open a space in people’s mind where they can have a moment to understand what we are trying to do as black women artist to be visible. I have used colours for emotions and layers for expressive power and manipulation to convey a message of strength and visibility by whatever means necessary, and manifest feeling in different ways.


Image taken from Black British Female Artist Collective

Phoebe Boswell, The Matter of Memory


Claudette Johnson courtesy the Artist/Hollybush Gardens. Photos: Andy Keate




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