I enjoyed the micro teach, it was very interesting mixing and switching the role of teachers and learners in the same lesson. Whereby, everyone had to be a teacher and student in the session. It was great to participate as everyone teachings was so diverse it was great fun, and we all shared something different. For my teaching session, I created the image below titled ‘Visible Black’ to highlight the invisibility of black female artist work. I have also taken a quote from the book Inside The Ivory Tower. ‘White feminists claim to expose gendered discrimination (Pollock, 2003), this framework often excludes the experiences, stories of oppression and struggles of black women (Carby,1997; Hooks, 1994)’. Taken from Inside The Ivory Tower, Chapter 10, written by Aisha Richards. The reaction from everyone was incredible, questions were initiated for group discussions. everyone thought that I should have just used the image because it was powerful by itself, and also, I should not have told them that I created the image.

This piece was created to open a space in people’s mind where they can have a moment to understand what we are trying to do as black women artist to be visible. I have used colours for emotions and layers for expressive power and manipulation to convey a message of strength and visibility by whatever means necessary, to manifest feeling in different ways in everyone.


Interactive group discussions about the image

It was amazing I was able to experience various method of teaching in one lesson, it was very beneficial because I was able to take into account my role as a student and what they are experiencing, and also the teacher experiences while delivering a 5 minutes lesson.

Micro teach lesson created a platform for student to engage in on going in class discussions. It was our chance for tutor and peers feedback at the same time, and for us as students to interact and engaging with one another with their ideas, such as gender inequality, race, and integral task as how to peel a pomegranate, which was my favourite as we got to eat it after.


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